Welcome to the new QG Reads blog! Check back here often to see new book recommendations, hear from your teachers, and interact with your classmates on the summer reading. Who knows… maybe you’ll even find some extra credit opportunities over the summer for being active on QG Reads!

For now, let us know in the comments if there’s a book you’re looking forward to having the time to read this summer. Here’s one I read a couple of summers ago called My Year of Epic Rock; if you’re looking for a book to start with, check it out!

Happy Reading!

~ Mrs. Carpenter

my year of epic rock

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. Hi. I’m Mrs. Trakas. Conner and I are having a competition with reading the assigned book. It’s been fun. He’s been motivated and has read way ahead of me. Now we have to set a time limit and see who reads farther within that time limit.

      I’m a second language (ESL) teacher and am interested in these types of things anyway, and it has been a joy for me to read about young people wanting to reach out to other young people across the ocean.
      It’s been a great read so far and I look forward to reading the rest of the book!


  1. I love when Caitlin’s family sends money and care packages to Martin, because he always has a GREAT time opening them. That is my favorite part. 🙂


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