Click here to access a heartwarming article featuring Caitlin and Martin from our summer reading book, I Will Always Write Back

Caitlin and Martin

After you read it, come back to this post and let us know what you think in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “I Will Always Write Back – great article

  1. The article gives you a deeper look on Martin and Caitlin’s story. How they changed other peoples lives just by being themselves and keeping in touch. Their story is very moving and inspires other people to change their perspective of the rest of the world.


  2. It’s a great book and a good article. Caitlin and Martin are just one example of one person changing someone else’s life.


  3. From what I read the article seemed pretty good but I did not read the whole article because it started giving away things I have not read yet. However I think it is nice to have articles and things like that to help you get the big idea. I guess.


  4. I really enjoyed the article, because it showed how Martin had a great life because Caitlynn helped him when they were younger. It was also cool to see a continuation of their lives to see what happened to them way after the book. It was a great addition to the book.


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