Middle school students – What are your favorite parts in the beginning of the book, I Will Always Write Back?

A part of the beginning that I thought was really interesting was the letter Martin wrote about how far the American dollar went in Zimbabwe and how much Martin’s family was able to buy with it. Then in Caitlin’s letter, she writes how “busy” and “dramatic” her life is with school and boys. This helped me really start to set up the differences between Caitlin’s and Martin’s life.

What are your favorite parts? What did you find interesting from Part 1?

39 thoughts on “Part 1: Hallo!

  1. My favorite part about Part 1: Hallo! was reading the letters exchanged between Martin and Caitlin. I also enjoyed reading the book from Martin’s point of view because the way he thought of this was so different to how we think. I overal enjoyed the first part and can’t wait to finish it.


    1. I agree, I thought it was cool that she wanted to do something different than the rest of her classmates.


  2. I enjoyed the part when Caitlyn said how she thought that no matter the color of skin, all people are the same and equal.


  3. I thought it was interesting that when Caitlin met her cousin in Germany she thought that her cousin was a dork because of how she dressed. When Caitlin went to school with her cousin she realized that how her cousin dresses was popular in Germany. I think that Caitlin is telling us don’t judge people by the clothes that they wear.


  4. While I was reading part 1, I was surprised to learn how difficult and expensive it is for Martin to send a picture to Caitlin of himself or his family.


  5. My other favorite part was when Caitlin gave Martin a Reebok shirt. He had never owed new clothes before and the shirt became a gift to Martin’s family


  6. My favorite part is that Martin decided to have a pen pal and as I was going through the book. I also liked how Caitlin helped out Martin.


  7. I like it how Martin was focused on getting good grades because his mom dropped out of school. Martin is very smart.


  8. I thought the most interesting part from Part 1 was that Martin and Caitlin continued sending each other letters when most of the other students stopped so soon into the assignment.


  9. The best part of the book was when Martin was sooooooo happy with Caitlin’s picture. How can you be so happy to get a picture of someone you have never met. it is crazy to me how special it is for Martin to have his picture taken when most kids dont’ even like getting their picture taken.


  10. I found the most interesting was how they both lived. Martin lived in poverty and would always tell Caitlin how hard it was for him to pay for school when Caitlin was thinking about getting something at the mall.


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