In Part 3 of our summer reading book, Caitlin begins to understand just how much she’s helping Martin when she sends him things along with her letters. 

Read the excerpt below and respond to any of these questions in the comments:

  • Did this part surprise or shock you? How?
  • How would you react in Caitlin’s situation?
  • How can not having a pair of shoes impact a person?
  • What did Caitlin mean by “injustice was happening in the world”?

Also, there are several great charities that focus on providing shoes for those in need. Check out these organizations for ways to get involved (and donate your old clothes/shoes):

13 thoughts on “Generosity and Shoes

  1. The injustice Caitlyn describes is how our society focuses on what is outside the body such as looks, shoes, and clothes instead of what is inside such as personality.


  2. Not having a pair of shoes can impact a persons life because as I read in the book people who don’t have shoes get overlooked like they aren’t part of society.


  3. When I read that Martin’s mother would be counted in society over a pair of shoes I was totally dumbfounded. If I was in Caitlin’s situation I would ask so many questions of Martin and send a few more pairs of shoes, no one should live like that. In our world I would have never thought a pair of shoes could make someone apart from society, but I guess in Africa and other third world countries where there is poverty it is kind of understandable. When Caitlin talks about ‘injustice was happening in the world” I think she means that, not having a pair of shoes should not affect your part in society and that the fact that that is how it is from where Martin lived it is unjust.


  4. The injustice Caitlin was talking about was how people are treated unfairly. In Martins case, his mother not having shoes made other people treat her poorly. It should not matter so much about material things people have but what kind of person they are and how they treat others.


  5. This part in the book was very surprising to me. This part in the book showed that there are many people all around the world who judge people based off what they wear. It shows that people have a lack of respect for people who are less fortunate than others.


  6. It’s very upsetting that people judge on what’s on the outside, and not on what’s on the inside. Everyone is beautiful on the inside, but some people only care about what’s on the outside. Even though it is nice that Martin’s mom is now considered a person, it is sad that a pair of shoes defines what people think of you. This part of the book was upsetting because it’s whats on the inside that matters.


  7. We each have so many shoes for school, outside play, sports and it is sad that there are people who do not even have one pair of shoes. It would be so great if we could all get penpals and send them money every month. $5 means a movie for us but if we send them that, a family could eat for a long time. I would also a little extra money for stamps.


  8. I agree with Caitlin. No one should be overlooked because they don’t have something that everyone else has. Caitlin is right about all the injustice in the world. Everybody needs to keep spreading kindness.


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