In Part 3, Caitlin recalls an incident with one of her classmates, Amanda, who often has unwashed hair and an unclean face. Amanda gets picked on by people, but Caitlin mostly left her alone… Until one day when a piece of dandruff fell out of Amanda’s hair and onto Caitlin’s notebook. She told her friends about it, and they said mean things to her like, “Um, have you ever thought about washing your hair?” Amanda was clearly upset and embarrassed about that comment.

Caitlin’s experience with Martin is showing her some things about poverty, and she starts to make some connections between what she knows of Amanda and what she’s learned from Martin. She realizes that it’s not Amanda’s fault, and she feels bad about the way she’s been treating her.

Then, Caitlin makes the following vow not to be mean again, and to stick up for people like Amanda. Who will make this same vow?

No More Meanness

12 thoughts on “An End to Meanness

  1. Not many teenagers these days will make that same vow, but there will be a few who will try to make the world a better place.


  2. I think that people care, but are not always sure that the other person wants help or how to best help the other person. We should just reach out and try to help!


  3. When I was reading I read that she went to Germany and saw what her cousin was wearing and she thought it was weird looking, but it was very popular where her cousin went to school. I also learned that I had family in Germany!!


  4. Normally if someone said, ” swear never to be mean to them again.” they are either joking around or break that promise. I think it would be amazing if we could take that “swear” seriously. It would be amazing to have everyone pick a person they don’t get along with and promise never to be mean to them again and to help stick up for them when they get picked on.


  5. Like Ryan said, not many kids our age will promise that. Especially the older you get. Most of the time it’s because we think about what people will say about us if we start being friends with another person. Which is almost like a variation of “peer pressure”. Not so much about pressuring you to do something bad, but about pressuring you to not do something good.


  6. To never be mean again is a serious vow. Very few people would promise that. It would be nice for everyone to always be kind, but it’s not reality as much as hoping. Not being mean, would not only be what you say, but how you act, and think. I agree with Matthew and Ryan. Very few people our age would take take vow. Because we are human, we mess up. We wouldn’t take a vow we can’t deliver on. But if there was a vow to try to never be mean, more people would vow to that.


  7. I think it would be hard to make this promise to “never” be mean but it is important that we always try. Some people will forget but it would be good if others remind them of their promise.


  8. I agree that you should not be mean to people and that’s a lot easier said then done so I think you should at try


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