Reading Resolutions for the Whole Family


We’re fans of this list of New Year’s resolutions that Scholastic put together. It says it’s for kids, but we love it for teens and adults, too!

What are you looking forward to reading in 2017?

Kindness is Contagious

In the epilogue, Caitlin issues this challenge to us as readers:

Kindness Is Contagious

So, let’s answer her question. What will kindness do for you? How will you let it make a difference in your life? What are some specific ways you can be intentional about showing more kindness?


A note from Mrs. Sprague on The Running Dream

From Mrs. Sprague:

I just read a great book that goes along with our summer reading book. It is titled The Running Dream. It is the story of a girl who suffers a tragedy in her life, and how she adjusts with the help of a disabled girl. The story continues with how she repays her friend for all of her help.  It was an easy read and a great story!!!

Interested in checking this story out? Find it here on Amazon or see if it’s at your local library!

the running dream

Generosity and Shoes

In Part 3 of our summer reading book, Caitlin begins to understand just how much she’s helping Martin when she sends him things along with her letters. 

Read the excerpt below and respond to any of these questions in the comments:

  • Did this part surprise or shock you? How?
  • How would you react in Caitlin’s situation?
  • How can not having a pair of shoes impact a person?
  • What did Caitlin mean by “injustice was happening in the world”?

Also, there are several great charities that focus on providing shoes for those in need. Check out these organizations for ways to get involved (and donate your old clothes/shoes):