Kindness is Contagious

In the epilogue, Caitlin issues this challenge to us as readers:

Kindness Is Contagious

So, let’s answer her question. What will kindness do for you? How will you let it make a difference in your life? What are some specific ways you can be intentional about showing more kindness?


An End to Meanness

In Part 3, Caitlin recalls an incident with one of her classmates, Amanda, who often has unwashed hair and an unclean face. Amanda gets picked on by people, but Caitlin mostly left her alone… Until one day when a piece of dandruff fell out of Amanda’s hair and onto Caitlin’s notebook. She told her friends about it, and they said mean things to her like, “Um, have you ever thought about washing your hair?” Amanda was clearly upset and embarrassed about that comment.

Caitlin’s experience with Martin is showing her some things about poverty, and she starts to make some connections between what she knows of Amanda and what she’s learned from Martin. She realizes that it’s not Amanda’s fault, and she feels bad about the way she’s been treating her.

Then, Caitlin makes the following vow not to be mean again, and to stick up for people like Amanda. Who will make this same vow?

No More Meanness

Generosity and Shoes

In Part 3 of our summer reading book, Caitlin begins to understand just how much she’s helping Martin when she sends him things along with her letters. 

Read the excerpt below and respond to any of these questions in the comments:

  • Did this part surprise or shock you? How?
  • How would you react in Caitlin’s situation?
  • How can not having a pair of shoes impact a person?
  • What did Caitlin mean by “injustice was happening in the world”?

Also, there are several great charities that focus on providing shoes for those in need. Check out these organizations for ways to get involved (and donate your old clothes/shoes):