Summer Reading Challenge Checklists


We hope you’re enjoying your summer so far!

As you get to spend time relaxing, having fun, and (our favorite) doing some reading, check out this summer reading challenge freebie from A Teachable Teacher to make your summer reading even more interesting. It looks like fun!

What book, other than WONDER, are you excited to read this summer?

A note from Mrs. Sprague on The Running Dream

From Mrs. Sprague:

I just read a great book that goes along with our summer reading book. It is titled The Running Dream. It is the story of a girl who suffers a tragedy in her life, and how she adjusts with the help of a disabled girl. The story continues with how she repays her friend for all of her help.  It was an easy read and a great story!!!

Interested in checking this story out? Find it here on Amazon or see if it’s at your local library!

the running dream