A note from Mrs. Sprague on The Running Dream

From Mrs. Sprague: I just read a great book that goes along with our summer reading book. It is titled The Running Dream. It is the story of a girl who suffers a tragedy in her life, and how she adjusts with the help of a disabled girl. The story continues with how she repays her … Continue reading A note from Mrs. Sprague on The Running Dream

Generosity and Shoes

In Part 3 of our summer reading book, Caitlin begins to understand just how much she's helping Martin when she sends him things along with her letters.  Read the excerpt below and respond to any of these questions in the comments: Did this part surprise or shock you? How? How would you react in Caitlin's … Continue reading Generosity and Shoes

Part 1: Hallo!

Middle school students - What are your favorite parts in the beginning of the book, I Will Always Write Back? A part of the beginning that I thought was really interesting was the letter Martin wrote about how far the American dollar went in Zimbabwe and how much Martin's family was able to buy with it. … Continue reading Part 1: Hallo!

UPDATED Summer Reading Purchase Links

Parents, Because Amazon's paperback stock seems to be a bit backed up, here are some other options for you: The hardcover from Amazon (around $12): http://amzn.to/1UfK1tl The kindle version from Amazon, which is a digital download (you don't have to have a kindle - the kindle app is free and can be downloaded onto other devices): http://amzn.to/1UgjRGR … Continue reading UPDATED Summer Reading Purchase Links

GREAT opportunity for Charlotte area teens!

Charlotte, NC based author, Linda Phillips, is leading a writing workshop for teen and adults with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg library system this summer. For any students ages 12 and up who have expressed an interest in poetry and stories told in verse, this is an amazing opportunity! Click here to register (space is limited!), and click here … Continue reading GREAT opportunity for Charlotte area teens!